IMG_3999I am an evolutionary biologist with very broad academic interests, which mainly include ornithology, parasitology, and disease ecology. My research combines these major fields to understand host-parasite interactions over time, across space and through evolutionary scales. My main goal as a scientist is to use parasites to understand the demography, the biogeography and the evolution of their hosts. My current study group is avian haemosporidian parasites (which includes bird malaria). However, I’m interested in any group of parasites that includes phylogenetically related pathogens able to infect both humans and wildlife (such as malaria parasites).

Contact me:

leticiassoares[at]gmail.com or soaresl[at]slu.edu

Department of Biology, Saint Louis University

3507 Laclede Ave.

Saint Louis, MO – 63103


  • PhD in Ecology, Evolution & Systematics, University of Missouri St Louis USA – 2016
  • MSc in Ecology, National Institute for Amazonian Research, Brazil  — 2010
  • BSc in Biology, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil – 2007